Getting set up


To get started with templated all you need to do is duplicate the Template. All templates will come with the original figma files also!

For popular templates we'll also be expanding them by adding components in the same style. You'll be able to use these components to build upon the template project to create a truly unique website.


To get started duplicate the Starter Kit and then copy and paste the Flowspark components into your project.

You can also paste the components into your existing Client First project.

All Flowspark Components are built using the Client First System by Finsweet. We've found that it's the framework that worked best for us and our clients when needing to build fast and scalable Webflow builds.

Integrating the Flowspark Components into a non-client-first build is a bit more difficult. I'll be posting a video on how to do this soon, but I would recommend using Flowspark components only for fresh/existing Client first projects.

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